Friday, October 22, 2010

DAY 14

So, have I mentioned what a roller coaster this process is?  After my incredible high last night, today had a few dips.  I had left knowing the actors would be stellar - it's a beautiful story they're telling - PLUS there were 4 guys working in the shop - our set dresser was taking the afternoon off to pick up everything.  Life was good.
At noon I get the plaintive call from Mavis - Ikea no longer carries slip covers for the size couch and chair we have.  (The couch had been white -- at one time. ) She settled on a throw - and said she got some great pillows, etc.
Okay - not so gefaylach, as my mother, alivah shalom, would say.  Not such a big deal.
I get to the theatre - and the set doesn't look even close to done.  The new wall is put in the wrong direction, the doors have been some major problem, and somebody cut all the wood the wrong length.  Not to mention all the painting yet to be done!
It's all supposed to be ready by Saturday, when we do a full day of tech --adding in the sound, lights and costumes.
And you know what?  Somehow it will be!  It drives me crazy - and it happens almost every show.  There may be a few finishing touches that will still need to be done, but we'll still have several days before we open.  
But, of course, Eric and Lesley were wonderful again tonight!
And so it goes

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