Sunday, October 10, 2010

Day 6

11:00 am is a much more civilized hour.  I even had time to pick up bagels and ruggalah for everyone.
I don't want to give away too much, but there is a bit of a love scene in the show.  Today, we were going to tackle it.  We talked through the movements first and made sure the actors were ready for it.  They assured me they were.  Once again, they were wonderful.  We've managed to soften the scene a bit - make it a little more romantic - for example, the script says they fall to the floor - but we have a couch right there, so we're using the couch.  Don't want to give away too many details!
The actors asked if we could go back over yesterday's work just to nail their blocking (movement) and the mechanics, or technical, aspects of a few thing - so we did.  We also spent some time just running lines so they could check where their sticky spots were.  Then we went over the last few pages of Act 1 several times.  Finally, we ran the whole act!  We're in such good shape!  I let everyone go around 3:30, rather than staying til 5.  Eric has his own theatre company which has to load in its set at Mesa Arts Center and I figured he could use the extra time.  His company is doing "The Last 5 years," a wonderful, small musical - opening Oct. 10 - check it out at 
The Equity work week is 6 days - Mondays are the traditional day off, so no rehearsal tomorrow.  And since Eric is getting his show up, we're taking Tuesday off as well.  Wed. night we start on Act 2!
And so it goes

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