Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Day 7

It's funny how things work out.  When I first found out Eric had a conflict for Tues night, I wasn't thrilled.  Can't rehearse a 2 person play with 1 person.  But then, coming home late Mon. night after auditioning actresses for a yet un-filled role in "The Last Schwartz," (more about that in the next show's blog), I started feeling icky.  And in the few minutes it took me to get home, I knew I had a cold - the heat behind the eyeball kind, you know?  I stayed home Tuesday - and slept off and on from about 5 pm - good thing there was no rehearsal!  Thank you Eric!
Lots of hot mint tea with honey, and a little swig of Nyquil, and I'm doing better today. But I warned the actors tonight that I was only at about 75% and might fade early.
We started work on Act 2 by talking about what's happened to their characters in the 2 1/2 month time lapse. Understanding that will affect their entrances to Act 2.  Act 2 seems like it will be a little harder for them - the characters in effect change places - their views, opinions, intensity - While actors like to think they can magically transform themselves into anyone, it takes a little longer to embody a character you don't feel you're like.  Most actors enjoy this challenge - and Eric and Lesley will for sure.  I'm glad this act is shorter, because we have to dig deeper - find connectors for them.  They were off book, though a bit tentative with the lines.  We went through 8-10 pages - but by 9:00, I knew I was done.  They chose to stay with Karla and Ariana and run lines for awhile.
Today I also connected with 2 other people who had done the show before - Diane Gilboa, the first American producer of the show, who had played the character; and Mira Hirsch from Atlanta, who I saw in the play in NY last year at the Jewish Theatre Conference.  I asked them both about some of the script inconsistencies - and turns out they each had different copies of the script than I had!  They agreed there were sticky parts, and had worked with Motti to clear them up!  I feel so much better!  There were just a coupla spots we found that they had missed, but we can correct those easily.  Also found out today from Sharron, our Israeli contact, that Israeli phone numbers have 7 digits.  Since Eric has to make a phone call, we wanted to be sure.  A small enough thing, indeed, but why not make it right?
So - it turned out to be a good day.
And so it goes

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