Friday, October 22, 2010

DAY 15

Is it really only 15 days?  In some ways it seems like forever - and in others, it's flown by.
Today started with my doing a half-hour radio interview with Jayde from 103.9.  I can't tell you her real name - would spoil her whole radio personna, but she's a long time friend of the theatre's.  It was great fun - and will be broadcast at 6 AM this Sunday morning on 103.9.  So, if you're an early riser, hope you'll tune in.  Somebody must be up at that hour!
Then I met Mavis at Phoenix Theatre and picked up all sorts of things we needed for the set.  I took the "big" car today - a Toyota Matrix - but man, it held a lot!  The folks at Phoenix Theatre are so good to us - they have the largest inventory of furniture, set pieces and costumes, and always make their things available to us.  We reciprocate by adding things to their stash.  Note to self:  Make sure that Katie at P.T. gets an AJTC t-shirt this year for all her help!
The set is shaping up - still a ways to go, but there were 3 guys working on it today.  Mostly just painting left.
Oh and picked up a coffee table and 2 matching end tables for $22. at our new best Thrift Store - White Dove!
We ran the whole show tonight - there were a few little hiccups, but it went really well.  The actors are settling into their characters and making the words their own.  Even when Eric "went up" (forgot his lines) he was able to cover and move on.  I stopped taking notes 1/2 way through Act 2 and just watched.  It was some of the most honest acting I've seen on stage in a long time - and told them so.  I moved around the theatre tonight to see what the audience would see from different angles, and I think we've got it right.
Ticket sales are slow - our ads are hitting this week, so keep your fingers crossed.  And if you haven't yet ordered your tickets, please do!  It's always tough to sell an unknown show, but we know that Phx is a last-minute town, so we're hoping the rush will come this week!
I'm pretty wiped out - I'm a bit old for moving furniture and props!   There's a full weekend ahead- let's hear it for adrenaline!
And so it goes

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  1. What a process - so interesting to see how it all comes together. Way to go Janet! Can't wait to see the production.