Sunday, October 24, 2010

DAY 17

At the risk of bringing the Evil Eye upon us, have we got A SHOW!  It was like the actors were channeling Hannah and Zvi.  I got teary 1/3 of the way through the first act.  Not because of the subject matter - but because I was so moved by what a beautiful job the actors were doing....and thinking about this amazing production we've put together.  Yah, I know, sounds corny, but man it was really something.  I didn't mind that the set still isn't completely finished, or that the street lights decided not to work - none of that mattered.  We've always honored the story we're telling more than those other elements - and we've done this story justice.  It is definitely a show to be proud of. 
Course in the middle of the night, I remembered we forgot about mezzuzzahs and a coupla other things - but there's time for that.  Our scenic designer is coming in tomorrow to finish the painting; I'll run out to the Bureau of Jewish Education and borrow some appropriate books for the bookshelves; the costumer is making a few adjustments - and we still have 2 full runs before we have an audience!
Life is good.
And so it goes

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