Tuesday, October 26, 2010

DAY 18

A number of things happened yesterday, even tho it's the "official" day off.  I went out to return Sharron's CDs to her - she greeted me with "I brought you an Israeli newspaper."  Now, that may not seem like much to you - but I was really touched.  I hadn't asked her for one - didn't want to bother her - I know she has a big event this weekend.....She simply thought it would be a nice addition to the set.  And it is.  It's a tiny detail that maybe 2 people will notice - but I love that kind of detail.  Then I borrowed a ton of religious books for Hannah's apt. and some secular ones for Zvi's from Elaine Hirsch at the Bureau of Jewish Education.  She couldn't have been more gracious!  By the time I got everything down to the theatre, Thom, our set designer had finished painting - what a difference!  He's a true master!
And happy to say the phones have started ringing!  There was a blurb with a photo in Sunday's paper (did you see it?) and we sent out a nice informative e-mail on Friday.  We had several people call for season tickets even!  Yea!
Tonight's rehearsal was very good - didn't have quite the same energy as Sunday's, but that often happens after a day off.  It tells me that they are so ready for an audience!  The audience is the magic, final ingredient that is so necessary to bring a show to life.  Even if they're completely silent, there's an energy that is given off by the audience that is transmitted directly to the actors.
So, we are definitely ready.  I had just a handful of notes for the actors tonight - tomorrow is final dress - yep, the last rehearsal.  Thursday and Friday are Preview performances, so technically, I can still give notes after them - but can't imagine what I have left to say!  By the way, tell your friends and family that tickets for Thursday (at 7:00) and Friday at 8:00 are only $20.00!  We ask that patrons those nights bring a can of food for us to give to local food banks also.  We're all in this together - we have to help each other any way we can.
And so it goes

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