Wednesday, October 27, 2010

DAY 19

Final dress!  Last official rehearsal.  In just 19 days we have brought two characters to life in a believeable and moving way.  The credit goes to Lesley and Eric - without their dedication to the project, none of this would have been possible.  And tech is finished and looks great - thanks to Karla, Ariana, Bill, Thom, Erik, Gail, Tyler, Merritt, Mavis, Ro and Bret.  And then of course, the amazing help from Sharron at the Israel Center, and Elaine at the Bureau of Jewish Education - and Katie at Phoenix Theatre - and Gary at Phoenix College.  Not to mention Gena in the box office!  It takes a village!
Every thing went smoothly tonight.  Mark Gluckman, our photographer, came in to take pictures during the run.  They turn out so much nicer than posed photos.  The actors were really on - and once again I was moved by both their abilities and the story itself.
It's been a wonderful journey - hard to believe that for me, it's coming to an end.  Though technically I can still give notes after preview performances, I can't imagine what else there is to say!  And once the show opens, the Director is "gone" and the Stage Manager takes over.  It's the SM's job to keep things on track - give line notes (mistakes that were said) to the actors, if necessary, and to make sure their blocking and characterizations remain consistent.  There will still be growth in the show of course.  They'll find a little nuance here or there to enrich things, but it is basically set at this time.  I really think the audience is in for quite a treat.
Thanks for reading and sharing the process.  I may occasionally have some things to add, so stop by now and then.
In the meantime, buy tickets! and remember that our on-line auction opens on Monday, Nov. 1 - there's a link to the auction site on our home page.  All sorts of great gift items for yourselves or loved ones! 
And so it goes!

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  1. Thanks for doing this. It was great fun following the process and now really look forward to the production! Good job, Janet!