Saturday, October 23, 2010

DAY 16

Today was tech.  As an Equity company we're entitled to two "10 of 12s" - meaning we work 12 hour days with a 2 hour break.  But Karla is such an efficient stage manager, I don't think we've used a full 12 hours since she's been with us (except for the musicals).  The tech crew - designers, board operators and backstage crew - got there at 10.  They had already had a "paper tech" Thurs. afternoon - that's when they went over the cues and the stage manager records all of them.  She'll be in charge of telling the operators what to do when - in theatre lingo, she "calls the show."
The lighting and sound designers "showed me their wares."  We tweaked things as needed - a softer light here, a shorter door bell sound, etc.  The set guys used the time to paint.  The actors came in around 12:30. (we're holding off on costumes til tomorrow and the paint is dry!).  Then we did a cue-to-cue.  The actors are asked to go to a certain part of the script where there's a light or sound cue - they often have to do the scene several times until the tech is just right.  It can be very tedious - but is so necessary.   This show doesn't have a lot of cues  so we finished about 3:00.  Took a short break - and ran the whole show with the technical elements added!
And, I must admit it was wonderful!  And we still have a few more days to tweak things as needed!  We were out by 6:00 - Yea Karla!
Still a few more scenic things to be done, but I feel confident we're on the right road.
And so it goes

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